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The Big Board and ePaperwork

Attention customers! Marco is proud to release to you a new tool to help you as a studio to place orders, keep track of your work in the lab, and plan ahead for the next season.

Placing your order with Marco Photo Service is EASY with e-paperwork. Simply fill out the online form click submit and your order is received. Instant confirmation followed by email confirmation that happens upon receipt of the order. Once your order has arrived at the lab take advantage of our live reports and order viewing. Track your orders and web orders within the lab in real time through each department. Take advantage of our package reports when mapping out next years sales fliers. Reports are available in both a detailed and summary version.

As this is a new service, please feel free to contact our Customer Care department if you are unsure how to get started, or to get a quick walkthrough from a Customer Care representative.

ID Cloud

Another new and exciting announcement from Marco is the official release of ID Cloud! This new technology allows us to place a QR Code on the back of an ID card that allows the student to scan it with their smartphone for a digital copy of their ID card.

We all have lost something important that we need every day, and ID cards during your school years are certainly no exception. But what is the one thing you are always sure you have before you leave the house? That's right; your phone. By using the ID Cloud and scanning the QR Code students can be sure to always have their ID Card with them as a digital copy on their phone.

This is perfect for getting into football games on Friday nights or that big basketball game you can't miss! Always have your ID Card just a click away.


Marco's exclusive Lightbox technology sends parents and e-mail so that they can then access their low-resolution images, or high-res images, on-line to be used for social networking.

Parents just have to follow the simple instructions provided in the e-mail to download their images and save them for use with their tablet, smart-phone or home computer. Enhance your fall program by giving parents an image that they can download and use right away! As well as being in e-mail format, parents can gain access to their Lightbox Digital Downloads through a new insert that will be included in their package envelope.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care department for any questions on Lightbox, or any of Marco's new technology.