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Updated MyPic Image CD & MyPic Connect Products

Attention customers who are selling either our MyPic CD or the MyPic Connect CD's, or anyone interested in adding an image CD to your spring line-up! Several improvements have been added to both CD's, making them easier to use with new updated labels.

For those on our MyPic Connect program: parent's will no longer need to have their student's image locator code or any of your store locator codes because they are programmed into the CD. Now, when the parent opens up their CD on their computer and goes to one of your stores, they are taken directly to their student's image instead of having to enter any information. We also have new 'Pop-Up' Coupons available that will allow you to add a coupon banner to the MyPic Connect app that will pop-up when parents hover over the icons.

Both the MyPic CD and MyPic Connect CD will have all new packaging! CD's will now be packaged in a white sleeve and student's information will be printed on the CD label instead of the insert in the old jewel case.